___ Leisure Yacht game walkthrought – Liana's path ___

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Leisure Yacht game walkthrough for version [v 0.0.8]

Languages: english, italian
Menu: standard, new game, load, save, exit etc.
Gameplay: point click and click … ing

Path with Maisie:
need fitness 105 (for interaction at pool, game can end if before)
quest list: Attention to heights

Fitness buildup with: pool(swiming +1) and gym(+1), later in game diving(+1)
POOL Do’not sit near Maisie (in early game, before fitness 105 or more)

Path with Liana:
need cryptography 20, particle physics (comp), medicine and nanoparticles (comp)
text for Liana study 8 (comp after talk with her)
quest list: Studying for Allison, The sleepwalker

Cryptography +1 a day, comp in Michael’s room
LIVING ROOM Yes, sure +1 with Allison (if you learn particle physic)
LIANA’S ROOM (morning) Marija, How going?, You’re probably right… , Yes, I think I can do it. and get key for rooms
LIVING ROOM (late night) Liana, Liana wake up, I think you are sleep walker
SECOND BRIDGE (after noon) Allison, Yeah sure +1 with Allison
LIANA’S ROOM (after noon Fr only) Liana, What are you reading? Strange, can I try to help you? +1 Liana (text in comp)
LIVING ROOM (late night) Liana, Inner self for sleepwalker quest
LIANA’S ROOM (after noon Fr only) Liana, games, rOP, blowJ , footJ (min 6 studying Allison book)
quest: play with Liana and her friends
LIANA’S ROOM (morning) book in other room, need Cryptography (min 10)
LIVING ROOM (late night) Liana, more scenes with other option, boyfriend and special friend (Cryptography over 20, Hypnosis over 20)

Allison path:

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