Building BIG games (and mmos) w/ unity

If you want to build large scale games in unity, unreal, or any other engine, these are 12 of the important rules you’ll want to follow. We’ll start with tips that I’d recommend for any type of game, single player, multiplayer, fps, rts, etc.. then transition into a few rules that are very specific to MMOs and online games. We’ll talk a bit about solid principles, refactoring, cleaning code, testing, networking, what to trust, and a whole lot more.

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  • I think your description of flyweight pattern at ~9:00 is misleading, it's not about using a single instance , well it is when you can , but it's primarily about splitting classes to allow them to use less memory when you have many instances by storing shared data in a shared object.

    MrSylfa July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • @18:54
    When i was like 11 years old, microsoft Ants… i kinda knew a bit of c++ and then found a free memory editor. Found out i could easily just change my score, then everyone in the game would see me as the winner….
    Same thing foe the maps. I was able to break about the map files, grid based with lots of extra stuff, maybe layers? but i found out dozens of the tile pallet hex codes, and learned of the build in CRC, so -1 here meant -1 some place else. Well my map could be totally different than other players. So i could just make a flatmap, tons of high point food. While everyone else had the hard map to play on. They just saw my ants walking on water, through grass, picking up items that aren't there.
    No i never cheated, did lots of testing and learning on the stuff in private games with my sister.

    Chris Banana July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • "naming your variable bad for job security", obfuscation? isn't there a law against this, against obfuscating your customer's code so no one else can fix it with out it costing your customer huge amount of money in man hours?

    THE16THPHANTOM July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • I understand the job security angle. I had the same thought as an early freelancer.
    I even made spaghetti on purpose until I decided it was best to work for reputable people and follow best practices.

    LastCynicActual July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • I would love to see an up-to-date beginners video or series on making multiplayer games with a sever client environment

    Zim Zimmerman July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • truthfully the more simple your coding the better for me personally, i think the build of the setting of the game should be far more complex than that of codes in UNITY, anyone can download decent codes for free and just alter them! im working on ps5 games now, and cannot wait to sell them in my near future on ps5 exclusive thanks for the video brother God bless

    DARKDAYZGAMESDDG July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • "Cram it in there. Shove it in. Bam bam bam."

    BDSmith July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • What's the name of the company that makes those spinning globes?

    Heath Cox July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • If find i team I will by focus in art(3D model texture level design…) I'm so mach better for this aspects the codes is the hards part wean i make I game

    Water Cat July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • 7:00 I use if method always but I don't work with team most of the time i use public var wean first make the in the order to make test esyer and after that I will change meny off lines to provide

    Water Cat July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • The truth is make code is understbe for greek people but if same I don't know Greek I pasble to not understand all the code

    Water Cat July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • 37:00 basically you are talking about Bethesda games like TES and Fallout

    InkOnTube July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • clean, readable, maintainable, garbage-allocating foreach in Update() 😉

    47Mortuus July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • Great stuff! Definitely would love to hear about pretty much anything related to MMOs or even just developing simpler networked games. Some topics I might wonder about are: 1) different genres and their derived requirements for possible implementation architectures, 2) taking one MMO and just going over how it's generally structured or maybe going over one specific area in more detail, 3) could there be recommended road map to networked game development (technical aspects as well as team specs) as going from a "normal" game to an MMO is quite a leap, 4) MMO history and general problems and solutions developers have come up with 5) MMO future and possible advancements and tools that might help 6) recommended reading, books, resources…..I could go on and on I guess, sorry 🙂

    ilmarinen79 July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • Hey Jason thanks for this, really great. Those first minutes on general dev maintainability is just such a fantastic guide for all devs u could consider uploading it as standalone for all devs? Just brilliant 🙂

    dan m July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • when it comes to long variable names, I find it pretty hard to read code when there's a bunch of long ass variable names being put into a bunch of math functions or something, it just looks like a mess.
    So readability is usually the reason that I do abbreviate things, at least for local variables. I can understand not wanting to give instance variables unreadable names, but IMO, really long names make it easier to understand the variable itself while making it harder to read the functions they are in. I die a little inside when I can't think of a name for an instance variable that simultaneously describes it well and is less than a couple words

    Jozzarozzer July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • ctrl.. r… r… hits forehead thank you.

    Jake Hix July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • Coding style and organization policies.
    Good habits.
    Excellent video.

    Robert Rush July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • About 2:45 – code so bad that gives you job security. I'm a seasoned developer, not game dev though. I've seen this on more than one occasion and it's a real thing, though I never met anyone being so upfront about it. This is a form of gatekeeping, and it unfortunately works well in bigger companies as these people will usually be in higher positions.

    Daniel Mircea July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • I am coming from a different part of the development industry, why does it sound like no one in the game dev ever do things like production builds?

    Kode Korp July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply
  • Dude thank you for your share, appreciate you.

    Jade hogg July 14, 2020 4:23 am Reply

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