Characters of To love-ru and their personalities

List about characters of To love-ru and their personalities

ATTENTION: THIS LIST MAY CONTAIN A LITTLE SPOILER. Hello everyone, this list is dedicated to all fans of the series and anime in general. I dedicate it especially to FanAokoRan, that this is his favorite anime and that he has also gone through all my lists. I take this opportunity to thank you FanAokoRan ^^ With which characters do you feel most identified? ^^

In this list about characters of To love-ru and their personalities you can find:
19. Saruyama – Pervert
18. Peke – Sincere
17. Ren – Competitive
16. Celine – Playful
15. Zastin – Protector
14. Saki – Cocky
Oshizu – Friendly
Kyoko – Active
Dr. Mikado – Carefree
Rito – Friendly
Nana – Tsundere
Mea – Different personalities
Haruna – Shy
Mikan – Responsible
Run – Cheerful
Momo – Double personality
Yami – Cold
Yui – Disciplined
Lala – Intrepida

19. Saruyama – Pervert
Kenichi Saruyama is one of Rito’s classmates, and his best friend is also known to be a complete pervert (not as much as The Director). Basically, he is a pervert but the class is more or less reliable, very friendly and always willing to help Rito when it comes to Haruna. He is in love with the female version of Rito, Riko, he does not know that in reality Riko and Rito are the same person, and his friends have not wanted to tell him because of their infatuation

18. Peke – Sincere
Peke is a robot created by Lala Satalin Deviluke with the ability to change shape to become her clothes. Peke tends to say what he thinks, like when he sees Rito for the first time and calls him ‘face of him’. He always cares about Lala and wants the best for her. It is known that he has managed to develop emotions, because when Cartman tried to erase his memory, he began to cry.

17. Ren – Competitive
Ren is very determined when it comes to being with Lala and revealing his feelings for her, as well as competing with Rito for her love in different ways, either striving to do things faster or even better than him. Try to conquer it by making yourself look like a ‘man’ before her (something difficult because just sneezing becomes a girl). Like the rest of his kind, he has the ability to change sex, which leads to a change of mind and personality. According to what Mikado said, Run and Ren are the only ones of their kind that change sex with just a sneeze, and that this was possibly due to the climate of the Earth.

16. Celine – Playful
At first, it had the shape of a large plant with a large head and ‘tentacles’ (rather they were its roots), after a metamorphosis was born as a small girl. He has a playful and very affectionate personality especially towards rite that shows him a great affection and appreciation. He has a soft spot for the soda in briagandola right away, which causes the flower in his head to bounce a pollen that proves that the person who smells it falls in love with Rito. Which is the feeling that Celine transmits to everyone because it is what she feels

15. Zastin – Protector
Zastin is Lala’s bodyguard, although he seems to be a servant or ‘guinea pig’ of her. As a result of protecting her, she also has a duty to protect Rito and Lala’s friends. Obey King Gid in all his orders, he is very helpful and always cares about Lala, Momo and Nana.

14. Saki – Cocky
She is completely vain and proud, often presents herself with a bit ‘spooky’ laugh. She is madly in love with Zastin, the bodyguard of the deviluke royal family. He has a great rivalry with Lala because he indirectly always spoils his plans and also because Saki thinks he is more popular than her. However, she has been…

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    Funny Sunny July 11, 2020 1:51 pm Reply
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    Bluezz 2 July 11, 2020 1:51 pm Reply
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