FUNDO Chemistry card games – Valency card of Elements I Game 5/10 | Periodic Pair Memory

FUNDO Card Games – Valency Card of Elements are the alphabets of chemistry, a trailer of the longer periodic table. playing these cards will help understand chemistry in a fun way.

Steps to play periodic pair memory
1. After playing Two on the top, Periodic Pairs Memory is the assessment game. 16 VaCE cards of elements belonging to row 2 and 3 of periodic table are kept closed and randomly dispersed on the floor or bench.
2. Turn by turn the players will open 2 cards, yelling out atomic number, name & group of the element. Players have to open elements belonging to the same group of the periodic table, i.e. the periodic pairs!
3. The game ends when all the pairs are formed, each player counts the number of pairs opened by them. Hmmm…so you feel alone and have no one to play with ? Go solo! Online single player version of the game can be played at
Also try remembering how each element tries to give, take or share electrons. Repeat until you
familiarize with elements and their groups and move to the next game, Chemirummy!

Dear Science Teacher,
Are these card game effective ?
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