FUNDO Chemistry card games – Valency card of Elements I Game 6/10 | Chemirummy 2

FUNDO Card Games – Valency Card of Elements are the alphabets of chemistry, a trailer of the longer periodic table. playing these cards will help understand chemistry in a fun way.

Steps to Chemirummy 2
Now can we tell what is similar between the elements belonging to the same group ?
Yes! They have the same outer electronic configuration and thus show similar chemical behaviour of giving, taking or sharing electrons! Now that we are familiar to it, lets get serious about pairing them in ChemiRummy-2 with row 2nd and 3rd elements.

1. Each player is to be dealt with 4 cards, the rest will be kept in the deck, along with one open card.
2. Turn by turn, each gamer gets to exchange their cards with the open card or the top most card on the deck to make two pairs of elements belonging to same group in periodic table.

Dear Science Teacher,
Are these card game effective ?
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