Leisure Yacht game walkthrough for version [v 0.0.8]

New & Fresh videos:
Liana path
Maisie path
Allison path

Part of text in video material (updating):
Languages: english, italian
Menu: standard, new game, load, save, exit etc.
Gameplay: point click and click … ing

Path with Maisie:
need fitness 105 (for interaction at pool, game can end if before)
quest list: Attention to heights

Fitness buildup with: pool(swiming +1) and gym(+1), later in game diving(+1)
POOL Do’not sit near Maisie (in early game, before fitness 105 or more)

Path with Liana:
need cryptography 20, particle physics (comp), medicine and nanoparticles (comp)
quest list: Studying for Allison, text for Liana study 8 (comp after talk with her)

Cryptography +1 a day, comp in Michael’s room
LIVING ROOM Yes, sure +1 with Allison (if you learn particle physic)
LIANA’S ROOM (morning) Marija, How going?, You’re probably right… , Yes, I think I can do it. and get key for rooms
LIVING ROOM (late night) Liana, Liana wake up, I think you are sleep walker
SECOND BRIDGE (after noon) Allison, Yeah sure +1 with Allison
LIANA’S ROOM (after noon) Liana, What are you reading? Strange, can I try to help you? +1 Liana (text in comp)

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