Leisure Yacht game walkthrought- Allison path

Path with Allison: (use VERSION BEFORE 0.0.8 !!!)

need to study with Liana
need key for rooms

LIVING ROOM (late night) Liana, Liana wake up, I think you are sleep walker
FIRST BRIDGE Allison, to help teach Liana
LIANA’S ROOM (after noon Fr only) You agree to help her study
MICHAEL’S ROOM Learn study ones
LIANA’S ROOM (after noon Fr only) Come when you learn all
MICHAEL’S ROOM Study all 8.chapters
LIANA’S ROOM (after noon Fr only) Foot massage
FIRST BRIDGE Allison, invitation to lab
LAB (Afternoon Monday) Talking, Can I look around. Then find secret button in next room, and click it.
LAB (Late night Wednes day) Should I touch it? Yes. Should I come in? Yes. Swallow the pheromone pill.

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  • Io non riesco a continuarlo, tu lo hai finito?

    Antonio Cammarota July 11, 2020 1:33 am Reply
  • how can I find the button?

    Frenki Kukaj July 11, 2020 1:33 am Reply

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