The BEST Drinking Game! You Gotta Play it NOW at your Party

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Ever wanted to get drunk playing Jenga? Or how about dirty Jenga? Nows Your Chance! Show us some love and back our kickstarter to pre-order as well as other epic stuff!

What is Social Staxs?
Inspired by Jenga, Social Staxs brings all the fun of carefully removing blocks from a tower and getting LIT in one amusing game. Socialize, drink up, and get up to all sorts of shenanigans with your group of friends while playing your childhood classic tabletop game.

(see images for individual blocks)

Naughty Booster Pack
or the more promiscuous players, spice up your Social Stax by adding in some of our Naughty blocks. Take your night to the next level with this entertaining and kinky addition.

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Dirty Jenga


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